Available Models
  • Model
  • Biscotta
  • ZURI
  • SETH (Side Table)
  • ROSABELLA (Coffee Table)
  • MEZZO (Coffee Table)


Locker Know Down Type

  • 1 Person Type
  • 2 Person Type
  • 3 Person Type
  • 6 Person Type
  • 9 Person Type
  • 12 Person Type
  • 18 Person Type
  • 1 Person Shoe Locker Type
Color Variations
  • Z421
  • Z40
  • G924
  • Z924
  • Z113

Knock Down Type

Knock Down Type Cabinet
  • Shelf
  • Base Unit
  • Coping Units (custom made)
  • Top Panel
  • Wardrobe Shelf
  • Drawer Shelf
  • Book End
  • Book End (Large Size)
Color Variation Code
  • Z421
  • Z40
  • White
  • G924
  • Z924
  • Z113


EverSeiko Chair Swarru4
Fabric Colors
  • SBBB
  • SNBB
  • SGBB
  • SRBB
  • SEBB

Chair VC5

EverSeiko Chair VC5
Manual Pocket
  • Leg / polyamide resin
  • Arm / polyurethane
  • Fabric / polyester 100%
  • Seat cushion / Morudouretan
  • Caster / nylon,urethane rol
Various Fabric Colors
  • FDX1 (Black)
  • FDX2(Gray)
  • FDX5 (Green)
  • FDX6 (Blue)
  • FDX8 (Orange)
  • PDX1 (Black)


EverSeiko Chair Escudo
  • Ankle Tilt Reclining with the ergonomic back face and seating face where the chair's pivot point is the occupant's ankle. When reclining, it supports the natural position of the body without straining the upper legs. It can be fixed at the preferred angle by the lever under the seat at the right, and the recline angle can be adjusted continuously without steps.
  • Up and down adjustment of the seat by using the lever at the lower left center of the seat. The height of the seat can be adjusted (92 mm. without steps).
  • Adjustable sliding seat by moving the lever at the lower left front of the seat. The seat can be adjusted by sliding 50 mm. (back and forth).
  • The arm pads can be adjusted by 100 mm. up and down (11 steps every 10 mm.), and the arm pad angle by 30 deg. (15 deg. each for inner or outer direction).
Available Color
  • Black
  • Blue


EverSeiko Chair Baron

One of the most outstanding features of the Baron Series is its exceptional seating comfort. Newly developed mesh materials and Baron's advanced design provides the most comfortable seating for wide range of physique, guaranteeing fatigue-free support and stability even after hours of sitting.
Comfortable reclining is another remarkable feature that makes Baron such a pleasure to sit in. Baron's unique ankle centered reclining mechanism naturally follows bodily movement even while working at a computer. Ease of operation and easy to use controls enables the user to adjust seat height and reclining angle to his or her natural posture.

  • A wide heardest gently supports the back of the head.
  • You can add an optional upper garment hanger to your chair, either to the chair's high-back or low-back variation.
  • Baron's comfortable seat uses a newly developed mesh material to lighten fatigue from long hours of work. The seat is also available in cushion type.
Available Color
  • Black
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Dark Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Lime Green
  • Pistachio Green
  • Beige
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Seat Type: Mesh, Fabric
  • Frame Color: Polished, Silver


EverSeiko Chair Contessa

The Contessa series features comfortable seating and a synchro-reclining mechanism, as well as Okamura's own "smart operation" that enables the user to make adjustments to match the user's natural posture while sitting. Levers at the front of the armrests adjust the seat height and reclining angel, achieving a level of comfort and ease of use far superior to other office chairs.

  • You can easily adjust the reclining angle with the lever locate in the left armrest.
  • The left armrest lever adjusts reclining angle. You can choose either free rocking or your favorite angle (in five positions).
  • A lever positioned underneath seat for easy reach enables you to easily slide the seat backward or forward up to 50 mm.
Available Color
  • Black
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Pistachio Green
  • Sand Beige
  • Mango Yellow
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Dark Brown
  • Frame Color: Polished, Silver, Black
  • Seat Type: Mesh, Fabric, Leather
  • Body Color: Black, Gray

VFC Counter

Desk VFC Counter
Color Variations
  • MJ59 (Top / White)
  • Z924 (Body / White)
  • Z637 (Base / Dark gray)

VD Series

Desk VD Series
  • All drawers can be locked. The key blade is serrated on both sides, so can fit intro the keyhole either way. no need to check which way 18 up. Key turns 180 degrees.
  • Drawer front-pieces use a permanent antistatic plastic that resists soiling. compared to steel, the touch is soft and warm.
  • The shallow drawer with pen tray lets you organize small objects and work materials, while the two file drawers underneath extend down close to the floor, giving you lots of room for filing. The upper file drawer stores A4 documents, while the lower one stroes both A4 and B4 ones.